Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What types of files are you accepting?
    We accept any type of content. That includes multimedia files, documents and archives. But remember, we don't host files which can be regard as piracy.
  2. How long are you hosting files?
    Files are hosted for one month since upload date. Files which are older are automatically deleted.
  3. Can I download my file anytime?
    Yes. Our server is up & running 24/7.
  4. Can I delete the file?
    Yes you can if you have a master link which points to the file. Browse to that link and click 'Delete'.
  5. What is the master link?
    After uploading a file to our server you will receive a master link (if you entered your email address in the upload form it will be sent to you as an email too). It looks like this:
    With the master link, you can do everything to the file it's pointing at (for ex. you can delete file from our server). Master link is only known to the uploader of the file. Other users (for ex. whom email addresses you entered in the upload form) will receive link, which only allows to preview/download file. Don't loose the master link because we won't recover it!
  6. How fast is your connection?
    We have fast and reliable 100Mbit connection to the Internet.